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Lazycom Provides You With All The Tools You Need To Reach More Customers, Make More Sales, And Keep Track of Your Progress.

What Lazycom Does For You

Statistics have shown that only about 3% of your target audience or site visitors will take action and buy your products immediately after they see your offer.


Statistics have also shown that out of the remaining 97% about 37% could and will change their mind easily to buy your products if only you can follow up on them with the right message.


But the big question is;

How do you identify this 37%?
How do you even start following up on them?
How do you put together the right message to send to them?


This is where the Lazycom artificial intelligence comes in to help you identify this 37% and assist you in following up on them until they say yes to your offers.

Now you might argue that  you can just slam a google form on your site and collect email addresses and phone numbers and start sending them emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages


But then you won’t still be able to identify this 37% so you might even end up annoying those who have purchased because you don’t have a way to segment your site visitors.


Even worse, the crude process you’re using is time-consuming, painful, and unintelligent because you don’t have the right data or information to make intelligent decisions.


And once again Lazycom comes to the rescue, helping you automate this entire process.


You can tag your visitors, segment them and use triggers to send emails and SMS even while you’re sleeping using existing message templates you can customize and you can have a birds-eye view into what is working and what is not to intelligently optimize your sales processes for conversions


Now, Lazycom doesn’t even stop there but helps you to make more money from your existing buyers by taking them through ascension funnels. You can upsell and cross-sell to increase your AOV and LTV with just a click

And with the A.I Content writer, Content marketing is now easier than ever,  you will always know what to say and post on social media and send more people to your marketing funnels without being an expert copywriter.


Which simply means you don’t have to always rely on spending on advertising or traffic generation to make sales in your ecommerce business.


Even more, Lazycom provides you with a drag-and-drop page builder to help you customize the look of your pages. You can also choose from a directory of different templates.


Lazycom is built by people who understand you and your business because we are one of you. We have a combined experience of over 10 years in the eCommerce industry and we know you have your products in different locations,


Which is why with Lazycom you can track your stock based on location and know when you’re running out of stock or what stock you’re expecting from your suppliers.


With Lazycom, you can easily integrate different payment processors to receive payment from any part of the world.


You can track both offline and online payments

Lazycom also gives you access to training materials to help you go from zero to scaling your ecommerce business exponentially. You can also join the community on Facebook where you get to connect and see how others are using Lazycom


Lazycom is also built on the framework used by the top 10% of websites on the internet “WordPress” This allows for all your pages and sales funnels on Lazycom to be optimized for speed and search traffic


And we didn't stop there. Because we know one of the ways to exponentially increase your sales is through Leverage, Lazycom gives you full control to manage your own army of distributors. With this, you can easily turn your existing customers into advocates and promoters of your brand while incentivizing their efforts.


So, yes with Lazycom there are no limitations to how much you can achieve in your ecom business. The only limitations exist inside of your head.


So go ahead, click on the button below and choose a plan that fits your business needs and if you have any more questions

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